Mr Bongo Brazil 45’s

Sometimes inspiration can hit you in the most unexpected places. I was recently in Phonica Records, Soho feeding my vinyl habit when I noticed some really colourful patterns on the inners of these Mr Bongo Brazil 45’s. There are about 40 of them and every single one is different. I absolutely love the simplicity of these and the colour layering. It’s fair to say i’m obsessed with them. I bought 9 in one week and they’re all killer!

BRZ45044-DETAIL-2_f88b24ad-7177-4b8d-974f-26501e2c2576_1024x1024 BRZ45045-DETAIL2_8fe85b40-be94-44e5-b5c8-82e115e77a77_1024x1024

12885717_10153332622501246_8142530011188124270_o (1)12719516_10153332622466246_6311370461324065324_o 12823249_10153332619391246_8457442746141596480_o 12885775_10153332619426246_7745630079575172595_o 12888727_10153332619366246_339398207477154155_o 12898141_10153332619376246_6442319951567897630_o

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