Project: Lockdown Monoprints

After the lockdown began in March I found myself stranded in the house on my own with no access to the Leicester Print Studio to work my creative urges. I had almost everything at home to be able to print but no way of exposing screens. It seemed the perfect time to start learning how to do monoprinting using paper stencils. I had tried this process in the past but with very little success so decided to set up a makeshift studio in my kitchen in order to give it another try. 

After quite a bit of trial and error I managed to get some good results. Once I’d worked out how to get a good print I went a bit mad, experimenting with shapes and colour combinations. It’s been a really cathartic process and it’s taught me some new skills about being more free with my designs. I sent off my first tests to People Of Print and they featured me in an article about monoprints

This has really changed the way I approach my work. I love screenprinting but I find it makes me push for the perfect design. This process has freed me up a bit of space to play and to simplify my work down to it’s more basic elements. I will definitely keep printing in this way in the future.


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